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In addition to producing wines under our own label, Mike Smith is also the winemaker for several other quality producers in the Napa Valley.

Quivet Cellars

Quivet Cellars produces very limited quantities of handcrafted boutique Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah, by selecting specific rows of fruit from Spring Mountain, Kenefick Ranch and Las Madres Vineyard. The premium fruit is uniquely crushed, aged in rare French Oak and masterfully blended by winemaker Mike Smith into the wines of Quivet Cellars.

The Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah, resulting from this process, are outstanding in flavor, fragrance, and body. These unique wines are available to those who are part of the Quivet family in limited releases.


Scarlett Wines

Scarlett/ MCG Cellars is a family passion. From the vine to the table everyone involved with the MCG brand shares their passion for making the best ultra-premium estate wine possible. The vision is to create wine that is elegant in structure and balance and consistent in quality vintage after vintage. The guiding principle is that making ultra-premium estate wine has always been an art driven by passion – yet they have never forgotten that wine is meant, quite simply, to be enjoyed!

Scarlett Cabernet Sauvignon, named after the founder’s great granddaughter, is crafted exclusively from fruit grown on our 64-acre Rutherford Estate. Scarlett, the inaugural offering by MCG Cellars, holds a special place in the hearts of the family as the driving force behind the brand.


Ancillary Cellars

Ancillary Cellars is a new collaboration between celebrated Napa valley vintners Mike Smith and Mark Carter. The driving force behind Ancillary Cellars is a desire to explore cool climate varietals crafted in a uniquely californian style by showcasing the cool climate subtlety of the Sonoma coast ava. we have tried to craft a wine that evokes the layers, complexity and delicacy of pinot noir.


Becklyn Cellars

Matt and Amber Denny’s goal was simple, find the best fruit they could personally put their hands on, find the best winemaker in the business, and be involved in every step of the process. Becklyn Cellars wines are hand crafted from start to finish. We source our grapes from the prestigious Rutherford and St Helena Districts in Napa Valley. The wines are aged in new French oak and carefully bottled with the utmost care to preserve their unique balance and complexity.


Bench Vineyards

Husband and wife team Sam Sharp and Allison Steltzner have partnered with her parents, Richard and Christine, to create Bench Vineyards. Named after the unique topography of the Steltzner’ s historic 30 acre Estate, a benchland vineyard located directly below the Stags Leap District Palisades. Working with Mike Smith and Bob Pepi as winemakers, the goal is to craft modern elegant wines that honor the history of Stags Leap District.


Patiné Cellars

PATINÉ (pa-tee-nay) means to have skated in French; an act that requires both power and grace. Jim’s career as a professional hockey player was defined by the game that requires strength, endurance, structure, balance, elegance and skill. It is not a surprise that these are the very same qualities that we strive to achieve in the production of our Single Vineyard Designate Pinot Noir. We are committed to sourcing fruit from vineyards that are meticulously farmed in an effort to produce handcrafted world class wines. We are not only thrilled but also humbled to have our friend and winemaker Mike Smith at the helm of our endeavor.


Switchback Ridge

The inspiration to embark upon a family wine project first came to Kelly in 1995 with the death of her great aunt, Carrie. Auntie, as she was affectionately called, emphatically insisted that her old vine block of Petite Sirah, or "Pets" as she called them, "not be touched" when the property was replanted in 1990. At the time there was little respect or interest in Petite Sirah and total acreage in California was down to an all-time low of only 1,700 acres. After her death, there was a renewed interest in the variety and Kelly vowed to make a Petite Sirah varietal wine in her honor. That dream became a reality in 1999, with the help of family friend and winemaker Bob Foley, when Switchback Ridge produced its first vintage.

Switchback Ridge is named for the winding trails in the hills above the vineyard that John explored as a child. Today Kelly Peterson continues the legacy that began with her great-grandfather, Mads, over a hundred years ago.


Kindred Wines

Kindred was born of a love of wine and a great friendship of over 15 years. In 2004, Kevin Jones met Mike and Leah Smith at a summer party. They happened to have brought barrel samples of their new project called Myriad.

Later that year, they met again and shared a 1964 Borgogno Riserva in their back yard. Coincidentally, Kevin had previously enjoyed the same wine on his birthday a few months earlier. This moment was the beginning of a friendship that has spanned over 15 years. We are thankful for that one fall evening and the memories that have been shared since.


Glorious Revolution

Single Vineyard

Diamond Mountain

Cabernet Sauvignon


Perchance Estates

If by chance you were presented with a once in a lifetime opportunity, would you capture it?


Steltzner Vineyards