2016 Myriad Las Madres Vineyard Whole Cluster Syrah

Hand picked, classically foot stomped and fermented ‘stems intact’ in the picking bin, nothing gets more farm to table than our whole cluster Syrah.  Like clockwork, sea breeze nights coupled warm valley days, make this our last pick of the season each year. Savory notes of red raspberry ,dried plum and smoked bacon dominate the palate upfront, as the trademark black olive, tobacco and ocean saline weave their way into your heart. The stem inclusion adds an immediate lift to the mid palate, naturally lightening the heartiness a Syrah can bring.This cool climate vineyard naturally throws  natural and even acidity and a bit of green tea, which lightly dance into a intriguingly long finish.  The kind of wine that makes you come back for more, just to experience every aspect and hidden layer one more time.   A spectacularly multidimensional wine, Enjoy!