Empyrean_15cab2015 Myriad Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon, Beckstoffer Vineyard Georges III “EMPYREAN’, Napa Valley $125


Empyrean Adj. pronounced “em-PEER-ee-an: Inspiring awe, having or deserving or conferring glory – The highest reaches of heaven, considered by ancients to be a paradise among the visible heaven. Intoxicating all senses, at once.

In 2015 Andy Beckstoffer invited us into a new vineyard block of the famed Vineyard Georges III. Slight rises and gentle slopes can make a enormous difference with valley floor water drainage and vine stress. The Empyrean block sits atop one of these rises, allowing 365 degree ripening, amphitheater sun exposure, coupled with coveted valley floor soil drainage. Harvested 11 days earlier than our Myriad Georges III ‘F block’, this wine was fermented separately and thoughtfully placed into our top French Oak barrels for 22 months. Velvet and silky tannins envelope all senses. Something about Mike Smith style and Rutherford blue fruit sent this wine soaring to the realm of Empyrean. Exciting and Spectacular! Enjoy.